Food Manager

Food Manager

Food Protection Manager Certification is required in many states for anyone who manages a business where food is served. Train 321’s Food Manager Program includes with training videos, learning materials and practice exams to help you pass the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. All certifications are valid for five years from the date of issuance.

The Food Manager Program focuses on the following learning outcomes to keep your establishment safe for all food service operations.

  • Identifying and preventing foodborne illness
  • Understanding various forms of food contamination
  • Practicing safe food handler hygiene
  • Preventing time/temperature abuse of food
  • Preventing cross contamination
  • Understanding proper food receiving procedures
  • Practicing proper food storage procedures
  • Understanding proper cooking, reheating and cooling times
  • Using proper cleaning and sanitizing methods


Train 321 will create a unique corporate account that allows all of your food handlers to get compliant today! Our learning management system will track your employees’ training and store all food handler certificates in one place. All certificates will be available at the touch of a button in the event of an inspection! Turnover will no longer be an issue. Each new employee can login and get their food handler certificates prior to their first day of work.

Our online food handler training can be completed in less than two hours and eliminates the need to travel to (or pay for) traditional on-site class training. The learning management system will take management less than 10 minutes a month to monitor all training assigned to employees.

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