Sexual Harassment Prevention

California Sexual Harassment Prevention

Train 321 created online sexual harassment prevention training courses to comply with California’s new requirements for training supervisors and employees.

By January 1, 2021, every employer having five or more employees shall provide at least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory employees and at least one hour of training to all nonsupervisory employees within six months of their hire. The training must be provided once every two years.

Our California sexual harassment prevention training includes:

  • The state and federal sexual harassment laws;
  • The types of conduct that can be sexual harassment;
  • The remedies available for victims of sexual harassment;
  • Strategies to prevent sexual harassment;
  • Supervisors’ obligation to report harassment;
  • Practical examples of harassment;
  • The complaint process;
  • Resources for victims of sexual harassment, including to whom they should report it;
  • How employers must correct harassing behavior;
  • What to do if a supervisor is personally accused of harassment
  • The elements of an effective anti-harassment policy and how to use it;
  • Defining “abusive conduct” and how to handle;
  • Harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.