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Responsible Vendor Training (Valid for 120 Days) – this program includes separate training courses for employees and managers and includes how to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors and how to handle patrons who may have had too much to drink. Students will also learn about the effects of alcohol consumption on the human body and warning signs to watch out for when serving alcohol to patrons.

Food Handler Training (Valid for 3 years) – this program is required for all employees (non-managers) involved in the handling, preparation and storage of food or food products. The online course not only instructs students on the basics of food safety required to prevent food borne illness and contamination, but also provides a firm foundation for completing and passing Food Safety Certification tests.

Food Manager Training (Valid for 5 Years) – this program is unique because it combines food handler training with the latest FDA Food Code and years of food sanitation research. Managers become well-schooled in not only theory but also safe practice methods, using real-life examples and relevant content. The training is done online (interactive video, a practice test, and printable study guide), but the exam must be done live in front of a proctor. Any food service managers who are responsible for the storage, preparation, display, or serving foods to the public must be certified.

Additional courses offered – Sexual Harassment, Security Training, Adult Entertainment, and more. We can also create any custom training course – for example: New Hire Training, House Policies, Proper Procedures for Greeting a Guest, or any other training you require.

The Train 321 course curriculums meet the requirements of the various state and local laws. Our Responsible Vendor Training curriculum was created with a combined effort from the United Way (Division of Substance Abuse), a retired Captain of Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (ABT), and attorneys practicing in the hospitality industry. This mean is if you follow our curriculum, your licenses are protected.

One of the biggest advantages of online alcohol training is convenience – not only for the owner or manager but also for trainees. The coursework can be accessed from any working internet connection, including a smartphone or tablet. This allows us to reduce the training time by up to 75% of live training. Flexibility is another benefit. Each student can learn at his or her own pace by stopping the video anytime. The price difference between this format versus traditional “live” training is tremendous; online training reduces minimum wages by up to 80+%. Using our system eliminates the hassle of setting up meetings for a whole staff (some who may have to come in on their day off), and storing paperwork. All employee’s certifications can be seen with the click of a button.

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