Food Handler

Food Handler

Food handler training has become vital in helping to control the spread of foodborne illnesses from unsafe food handling and storage practices. Food Handlers are individuals whose jobs involve coming into contact with food. Many states require these employees to be trained on proper food handling and hygiene practices and procedures. This means that anyone working in the restaurant and food industry who is involved in the handling, preparation and storage of food or food products must be trained.

Train 321’s Nationally Recognized Food Handler Certificate Training Program is based on the FDA Food Code and was created by certified food managers and verified by a top university instructional designer. It is designed to provide students with an overview of information on safe food handling practices and procedures including: foodborne illnesses, contamination, hygiene, time and temperature controls and proper cleaning and sanitizing.

The introductory food handling certificate training program includes the following five learning elements:

  1. Explain the major causes of foodborne illness.
  2. Identify actions taken by food handlers that can prevent contamination and the spread of foodborne illness.
  3. Outline the proper procedures to prevent the contamination of food during storage and preparation.
  4. Explain how to maintain safe food temperature during food delivery, cooking, thawing and reheating.
  5. Describe the cleaning and sanitizing procedures that ensure a hygienic kitchen.

Food Establishment Owners/Managers: Train 321 will create a unique corporate account that allows all of your food handlers to get compliant today! Our learning management system will track your employees’ training and store all food handler certificates in one place. All certificates will be available at the touch of a button in the event of an inspection! Turnover will no longer be an issue. Each new employee can login and get their food handler certificates prior to their first day of work. Our online food handler training can be completed in less than two hours and eliminates the need to travel to (or pay for) traditional on-site class training. The learning management system will take management less than 10 minutes a month to monitor all training assigned to employees.

Food Handlers: Our online food handler training is easy to understand and will take you less then two hours to complete. Earn your food handler certificate today!

Please check with your local jurisdiction for specific food handler training requirements.